The Book of Deadly Animals

Previously published as Deadly Kingdom.
Indie Bound
UK Edition

Did he say repugnatorial gland? What a wealth of information Gordon Grice is, and what a fine, beguiling writer. This book is a must for anyone even remotely thinking of getting a monkey, a sea lion, or, heaven forbid, a dog. – David Sedaris

Grice eagerly seeks encounters that most of us would gladly avoid. The book is good when describing creatures that are patently murderous—sharks, crocodiles, bears—but even better when recounting the hazards of those regarded as cuddly and benign.  . . . The author clearly adores the fearsome creatures he corrals here. – Brad Leithouser, “Five Best: Dispatches from the Natural World,” Wall Street Journal

When it comes to the most deadly animals on the planet it is best to be prepared. With The Book of Deadly Animals forewarned is forearmed! - Bear Grylls

Gordon Grice writes about animals with a wit that relies on tone of voice, his ironically exact diction and an instinct for analogy. . . . Vivid language never fails him. The author has limitless interest in the fierce side of nature. – Michael Sims, The Washington Post

If Cormac McCarthy turned his hand to nature writing, the results might sound something like Grice. –Mark Dery, True/Slant

A wonderful, slightly terrifying, utterly captivating encounter with the animal world—not quite like anything I’ve ever read before.—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed

A highlight reel of anthropophagy spiced up with dashes of science. . . . Read it for lines like this: "Men sped across the face of the water, propelled by unseen sharks. – “Hot Type: Best New Books of Summer,” Outside Magazine

An excellent, addictive read. – The Animal Review

Deadly Kingdom is an engagingly original field guide to the venomous, the sharp-clawed, the infectious, and the downright predatory. It’s a witty, fascinating, and playfully macabre read. – David Baron, author of The Beast in the Garden

Deadly Kingdom is sometimes gory, always gorgeous, and really great. Gordon Grice is a warm and funny guide, his fingers always on the facts. There are amazing stories here, fascinating people and places, but above all, there are the animals we thought we knew, and the ones we’ve never heard of: hagfish, guinea worms, eyelash vipers, blister beetles. You’ll never go barefoot in the barnyard again. – Bill Roorbach, author of Temple Stream: A Rural Odyssey



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