My Latest Story in Unfading Daydream

Excited to announce the latest issue of Unfading Daydream, which features my lycanthropic short story “A Bowl of Beer.” The plot hearkens back to a Chinese folktale of the 3rd century, but I thought it would be cooler in modern-day Emporia, Kansas. I lived in Emporia years ago; my most vivid impression of it was how many people there were missing fingers. It had something to do with the meat-packing plant. Probably not what the chamber of commerce would prefer me to remember, so let me also mention that this is the home of Peter Pan Park, which the journalist William Allen White dedicated to his daughter after she died in a horse-riding accident. In my memory, that park is lit by fireflies. 

Anyway, this third issue of Unfading Daydream contains 11 speculative tales of fresh starts and renewals. Authors include Donovan Bertch, Alice Godwin, Gordon Grice, Tim Jeffreys, Cate Millican, A.L. Nachtman, Charlotte Platt, Stephen Paul Sayers, Fanni Suto, Michael Thomas, and Olin Wish.



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