Earth Shots

A few interesting animal photos from Google Earth. 

Man pursues bear

Bird's-eye view

Horse rooting in trash

A tiger in town


  1. The second photo is taken from Hitchcock's "The Birds", I suppose. :-)
    The most impressive and funny, for me, is the first one: "Fat angry half-naked man revenges Timothy Treadwell". :-))

  2. Yeah, that guy is pretty bold with that bear! It looks like a grizzly, but the photo seems to be from Tennessee, where the only native bears are black. Not sure what's going on.

  3. The bear in the picture is clearly a grizzly. Are we sure that the photo comes from Tennessee?

    1. It has Tennessee address on it, but in Googling around, I'm finding references to it actually being a photo from Russia (where they do have brown bears, of course).

  4. Yes, it could be a Russian brown bear, the Ursus arctos beringianus.


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