Adventures of Centipede Smith

If you’re easy to offend, please don’t listen to this story Parker wrote. It’s not suitable for grandmothers and others of conservative tastes. For those who dare, it’s the funniest thing you’ll hear this month, but also dark and disturbing—sort of like if David Sedaris and David Lynch had a love child. Which may, in fact, have happened at some point; I’m not privy to their business. Anyway, I’ve been wondering when somebody would get around to using Youtube for more than stolen music and goofy pranks. Turns out Parker was working on the solution right under my nose. What you get here is a six-part serial, each short installment featuring some belly laughs and some oh-my-gods. 

Part 1: The Mystery of the Midnight Muskrat

Part 2: The Hole

Part 3: Espionage

Part 4: The Basement

Part 5: Speech Therapy

Part 6: The Visitor



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