Longhorn Beetle

Hodari Nundu recently photographed this beetle, a member of the longhorn family. I might have hesitated to handle it, considering the size of its mandibles, but Hodari reports that it did him no harm. He adds: "This is a small one--I will never forget the biggest one I ever saw, which was easily the size of my hand and bright pink and green in color."


  1. Gordon, I wonder if longhorn beetles fall prey to black widows: did you ever find one of these insect in a widow's web?

  2. Max, I haven't found their remains in widow webs in the wild, but I have had a captive widow take a cottonwood borer about an inch and half long. Pretty impressive!

  3. Should clarify maybe that the giant one I saw when I was a teenager and my hands were probably slightly smaller :B The full story is that I saw a bunch of stupid kids kicking it around like it was a football. I rescued it before much harm was done, and took it to a forested area where I intended to release it; instead of flying off immediately it took a tour under my shirt, which was somewhat freaky. :B Eventually it did take off and I never saw another one like it, ever again.

    1. I looked around briefly, but so far no luck finding a match for your giant. I did find others that were pink and green, but those ran 28 mm or less.


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