Curse of the Black Widow

Here’s an odd TV movie from the 1970s. Sort of a werewolf movie, but instead of turning into a wolf, the cursed person becomes a giant spider. On the plus side, this is a fast-paced, energetic picture with good performances. The director is Dan Curtis, who is responsible for such delectable items as Intruders—the best UFO movie I’ve seen (not that there’s a lot of competition)—and the original Dark Shadows, which featured a giant spider or two of its own—and, by my count, three werewolves. And some vampires, some witches, some demons. . .

On the minus side, there’s the utterly inept science. I don’t mind an impossible premise, so long as the writers do a good job of making it seem possible. Make us believe the little details and we’ll follow you pretty far. That doesn’t really work out here. There’s also the nasty misogyny, which seems pretty much obligatory among pulp writers who choose the black widow as their metaphor.

Anyway, this is still fun if you can take the cheese. Enjoy.

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