Brown Widow Spider Eats Snake

Hourglass marking on the belly of a brown widow (Latrodectus geometricus)

Max sent me this news article about a widow spider eating a snake in someone's office. The spider is a brown button, a common name that covers the critter known in the US as the brown widow as well as a closely related species. Folklore has it that the brownie is far deadlier than the blacker species of widow and occasionally takes a human baby. None of that is true, but it makes for some nice internet freak-outs. 

It's unusual for widows to take snakes, but many cases are on record, including rattlesnakes taken by widows in the US. The widows in general take an amazing array of creatures in their powerful webs, including mice, lizards, and tarantulas, though smaller fare is far more common. 

Spider eats snake at office in South Africa | Daily Mail Online: "Witnesses say the spider spend two days weaving a web around its kill lifting it higher off the ground and continually snacking on it."


  1. Who knows how long it takes to eat it all.
    Weeks, or more?

    1. Good question. I would think decomposition would become an issue, but I'm not sure that would deter the spider.


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