Bobcat Up a Tree

Bruce Coe: Knockout Photography

Reader Bob Haynie tells me of a recent encounter:

A couple weeks ago, we caught up with this fellow a couple miles down the mountain at our friends’, the Coes. Their housecat Toad chased him up a tree, and he stayed up there a while, watching us, us watching him, Toad sitting on an old piece of ranch equipment staring up, and so on. Bruce (a fine photographer) got out the super-spy huge lens and took some pictures. Maybe Toad just got the bulge on this guy and he spooked; but Kim says she has seen Toad playing with a bobcat, so maybe this is his pal and Toad won whatever game they were playing. Either way, it is a treat to see one of these pretty animals. Peggy and I have seen only one other in our 15 years up here. We watched him for a while, then when Peggy and I got in the car to come back up the hill we saw him limb-hopping down. A last jump, a rustle in the bushes and that was that. A treat.

Bruce Coe: Knockout Photography


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