Brown Recluse Fatality

This is the first case I can recall involving paralysis because the spine was directly involved. The location of the bite was obviously a factor. Most recluse bites are not serious; in fact, only around 20% become medically serious at all. It's the few gruesome cases like this that make the news. 

Thanks to Bob Z. for the news tip. 
Fla. Man Dies From Brown Recluse Spider Bite - Yahoo: ""It bit him right on the back of his neck and rotted out to the vertebrae," Bill Reese told WFTS. "He wasn't afraid of anything. He thought he was invincible. But he wasn't.""


  1. I already have a hard time convincing coworkers recluse are not native and do not have an established population in FL. Wandering male southern house spiders do not help :-/

    1. This is definitely outside the usual range of L. reclusa. It would be helpful to know how the bite was diagnosed; doctors often diagnose without sufficient knowledge of the spider. Many "recluse bites" turn out to be something else altogether.

    2. Exactly... We can get them in FL but they just don't establish. They are more common on the west coast due to retirees moving down south on I75 as opposed to New England retirees settling on I95. They stash away in moving boxes and may last a few seasons. My suspicion is that some part of their life cycle does not deal with high humidity well which seems uncommon for an invertebrate.

    3. Interesting. I accidentally transported a lot of them from Oklahoma to Wisconsin in boxes a few years ago when I moved, but saw no evidence of them surviving. In that case, I assume the cold winter made a difference.


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