Giraffe Kicks Woman to Death

Scott Harrison/Creative Commons

Thanks to Natan, who pointed me to this item. The story is a few years old, but interesting:

Giraffe kicks woman to death trying to protect calf from her dog | Mail Online
"'It is possible the dogs scared the giraffe and the animal reacted on instinct to protect her young calf. The impact must have been enormous and we believe the victim would have died instantly.'"

In current giraffe news, we have a controversy over the killing of a zoo giraffe. I responded to this article in a recent Facebook exchange:
This article is misguided, in my opinion. The fact that zoos
also have a profit motive doesn't cancel the good they do in preserving species. And the fact that many zoo animals aren't endangered is hardly the point. Managing wildlife is a tough pursuit. It involves hard choices. This business of tracking the parentage of the animals to avoid risky inbreeding is far more complicated than can be explained in brief articles. Sure, it would be great if there were safe places in the wild for all animals to breed and live
without human interference. There aren't. It's a tough world with too many people on it. I respect the Copenhagen Zoo staff for being open and trying to turn this killing into education--and lion food.

I didn't get very particular about the management of zoo populations, as Facebook isn't an ideal space for long explanations and I'm not the ideal person to give them, but here's an article that gives a taste of the issues involved.

Now another Danish zoo is saying it won't kill its own giraffe, also named Marius. Apparently nobody ever planned to kill Marius 2, but that didn't stop people from protesting. 

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