Anacondas in the Everglades

Green Anaconda/LA Dawson/Creative Commons

Interesting article in Slate. Author Jack Landers makes several cogent observations: That the python problem in the Everglades has probably been overstated, and that Burmese pythons populations may in fact be controlled by other invasive wildlife. He even has something to say about how race affects the observations of fishermen. I doubt  the green anacondas have as strong a scute-hold in Florida as Landers suggests, but it's interesting to wonder what kind of effect they might eventually have on native alligators. As I've said in other posts, the gators have a pretty good record against pythons. But green anacondas occasionally take caimans in their home range, and they might present a more formidable challenge for the American alligator. (Thanks to Hodari Nundu for the tip.)

Green anacondas in the Everglades: The largest snake in the world has invaded the United States.: "One Burmese python at Trail Lakes, captured in the wild and kept in a large outdoor enclosure, was swarmed by fire ants that tunneled up from beneath her while she guarded her eggs. By the end of the day she and her brood had been reduced to little more than scales and bones."



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