Wild Boar Eats Horse, Terrorizes Family

Startling porcine action in Argentina. This account comes from the news site 26noticias.com:

A furious wild boar entered a property in the Lavalle region of Mendoza. It ate part of a horse and kept 14 people under siege until it was finally shot dead by policemen.

The event. . . happened at about 7 am Sunday, July 5. The Subcomisaria de Costa de Araujo issued an emergency call because a "mountain pig" had attacked a horse in the Renzi property in Roca street.

The animal was large and was keeping the family of twelve that lives in the property locked inside their home due to the danger it posed.... Once the police arrived, Anacleto Marquez, a worker in the property, told them that the animal was in the pen area.... The policemen went there and found that it wasn´t a normal pig, but a wild boar with dark hair and "huge tusks,” weighing about 550 pounds.

The animal had attacked and gutted a horse which was still alive while the wild boar ate it, according to the report. It paused to attack people who approached, but returned to eating the horse’s entrails.

The officers realized the danger involved and tried to scare the boar away but it was not intimidated and faced them "as if ready to attack." The two policemen then shot the animal. Only one bullet penetrated its hide. The wounded animal charged at the policemen, who took cover and told the family to stay inside.

Due to the danger being greater by the minute, the policemen decided to shoot it dead. To do so, Officer Arancibia climbed on top of a car, but the animal repeatedly struck at the vehicle with its snout while continuing to feed on the horse.

The family urged the police to kill the wild boar because they feared it would attack their children. Arancibia shot the animal five times at close range.

"The bullets bounced and didn´t have much effect,” said a local newspaper. “The boar was shot again and wounded in a foreleg. Only then did it collapse to the ground. It was assumed to be crippled so the policemen got down from the car and walked towards it to kill it.

“However, suddenly the wild boar jumped up again and attacked the policemen, who ran through a vineyard; one of them shot the animal again and only then did it collapse and die."

My thanks to Croconut for the news tip and the translation.


Readers of The Red Hourglass won’t find this story too shocking. In that book, I discussed these delightful porcine activities, among others:

-Eating livestock—including, in Argentina, domestic rams
-Disemboweling the horses of hunters
-Preying on human travelers

-Scavenging graveyards and battlefield casualties.



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