Video: Jaguar Kills Caiman

A brief National Geographic video shows the stalking technique of a jaguar. 


  1. Just amazing... The idea of a crocodilian being snatched from the river bank by a predator came from the river is both ironic and mind-blowing :> Poor caiman, tho.

  2. That is ironic. I've often read of Asian tigers launching attacks from the water, but I'm not sure how common this is for jaguars?

  3. I would imagine fairly common, perhaps more so than we think. Jaguars, while not exactly aquatic in the true sense, seem to genuinely enjoy water and will splash and bathe for the pure hell of it; since they're opportunistic hunters I'd guess that if an animal showed up while this was going on, the jaguar would at least make the attempt. It might depend, too, on if the cat judged it worth the trouble--could he easily catch the animal or not?--and if he thought he had been spotted (no pun intended!)

  4. Makes sense. I recall reading that the tigers of the Sundarbans sometimes take people from boats without others on the same boat hearing a sound. They must be good at stalking from the water. However, all accounts of lions I've read have them stalking along the shore. They are frequent predators of Nile crocodiles, even fairly large ones.


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