Put Some Meat in Your Shark Week

To while away the eternal commercial breaks on TV this week, may I suggest some factual material for your reading pleasure?

In Shark Attacks, I collaborated with National Geographic's team of scientists and editors to tell of sharks eating people--and vice versa. You'll read about these topics:

  • The Red Sea shark attacks of 2010.
  • A man swallowed whole by a great white.
  • The species most likely to remove your hands.
  • How humans inadvertently draw sharks to shore. 
  • How a shark attack turned one woman against soup.
  • How sharks support the huge human population of this planet.

. . . and lots more. 

And if you're still hungry after that, may I suggest The Book of Deadly Animals, available in paper or ebook form. Its shark chapter covers these topics:

  • The Jersey Shore attacks of 1916.
  • Motives for great white attacks, plus some of the most brutal cases.
  • Sharks in war, including the tragedy of the USS Indianapolis.
  • A record dive attended by oceanic whitetip sharks.
  • Jaws and our cultural reactions to sharks.

. . . and lots more. 
That's just the shark chapter, mind you; this book surveys the mightiest killers in the animal kingdom in text and photos. 

Illustration: Ugly Shark Week by Beckett Grice



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