"My father was deathly allergic to this one bee. He had been stung hundreds of time as a farmer, but he was sharpening the chain on a chainsaw on our front porch one afternoon and a bumble bee stung him. Within ten minutes of being stung, his arm and face were swollen and he was having trouble breathing. . . . Dad had to carry an epi pen with him from then on. He was stung by several other bees after that; he never had a reaction to their stings like he did that Bumble Bee." 
--Dee Puett, photographer


  1. I've only seen a couple bumblebees in my life. Amazingly, it never crossed my mind that they could hurt people D: (and I've been stung by wasps and bees...!)

  2. I think it's fairly unusual to get stung by one. I have never been stung, despite many interactions with them.


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