Striped Hyena Kills Teen

From Kenya, the story of a 15-year-old killed by a hyena. The striped species of hyena occasionally preys on children in Africa and Asia. (The spotted hyena is larger and more prone to kill people.) This attack, however, suggests rabies. It happened in daylight, and the hyena refused to give up even when outnumbered and wounded. Hyenas, like cats and some canines, go violently mad with rabies. 

Classmate pays tribute to brave Class Five pupil killed by hyena | The Star
"His flowing tale of the unfortunate attack that sent his soul mate to an early grave left everybody, including stone-hearted warriors and local politicians, with rolling tears on their faces. Lenana told the mourners how Marapush behaved after they saw the beast charging at them. 'Marapush told me to hold his book and sweater so that he could handle the hyena with his bare hands. He told me that if he dies, I should take the book and the sweater to his parents.'"

Thanks to Hodari Nundu for the news tip.



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