At the Bee Hive: The Sequel

Photos courtesy of Brian Lueck


  1. What are those yellow-ish bumps on sides of some of those bees ? Never seen that before

    I'm deathly allegic to bees so these pics are kind of creepy, lol

    1. You may have already heard this from someone, but if a bee should land on you, try to remain calm. Unless it is an African Bee Hybrid or a Hornet, it will only attack in defense of itself or its hive. They are more apt to land on you if you are wearing red, yellow, or whatever color flowers it has to feed from. Do you carry an Epi pen in the summer? (Dee)

  2. Those are masses of pollen. As it visits flowers, static electricity attracts the pollen to the honey bee's body. It packs them into baskets on its hind legs. The baskets are called scopae, and they're made of hair-like bristles. The bees and their larvae eat the pollen (they also eat the flower's nectar, which is distilled into honey).


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