The Apocalyptic Giant Squid

Fascinating new article about giant and colossal squids--and why recent sightings of them are not good news. Author Mark Dery touches on some themes I dealt with in Shark Attacks.

The Kraken Awakes: What Architeuthis is Trying to Tell Us - Boing Boing
"The tentacle feels hard yet rubbery to the touch, like an overinflated bicycle tire—a bicycle tire studded with suckers the size of quarters, on stalks. Running my thumb around the inside of one, I feel the sawtoothed ring of chitin that gives the creature its fearsome grip. In life, its suckers leave proof of the fabled beast’s existence: ring-shaped scars on the hide of its archnemesis, the Sperm whale. A photo in a 1917 Smithsonian publication bears the poetic caption, “a piece of Sperm whale skin relating a battle with a giant squid, in sucker scar script.”"



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