Pelted with Carp

Boating in a drainage ditch filled with Asian carp, which leap out of the water when threatened. 


  1. According to Jeremy Wade of River Monsters fame, many cases of people mysteriously dissappearing while out fishing may be due to them being hit by leaping fish and drowning...

    I remember reading about a place where this happened a lot with sturgeons. Just ouch...

  2. That's right--there have been serious injuries, such as a collapsed lung, from sturgeon collisions. Even these smaller carp have hurt people. I was a little surprised to see these folks doing this for fun. The description on Youtube mentions that one kid (the smart one, obviously) cowered under the gunnel the whole time, unseen in the video.

  3. Granted, a tank is an unnatural situation...but my best friend at my job was beaned in the face by, I want to say, either a small gar or an arowana, I forget which, when she was trying to net it and the fish jumped. I'm ashamed to say that another friend and I stood by slapping each other on the back and howling with laughter...but it WAS hysterical.

  4. That's pretty funny.

    I remember reading about literally dozens of different species that have struck people while leaping in the wild, including saltwater types like flying fish. Few of those caused injuries, though.

  5. Not a fish, of course...but I recall my father taking down a window-feeder one of my sisters presented us with as soon as he could find an excuse. (I presume you've seen these, boxes with a one-way window so birds can't see you watching them inches away.) The reason? Mourning doves would enter the feeder, which was about face-height, and then wait until you were almost on them to take off at full speed. While no collisions actually took place, some were close enough that Dad seriously worried about getting his nose broken by a dove and finally dismantled the feeder.

  6. It often surprises me that birds are so good at avoiding objects when they fly. . . except when they're not.


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