Leopard Kills Sewage Guard, Eats Genitals

In the West, news outlets generally are rather shy about describing the injuries inflicted by animals. This Indian newspaper, however, is admirably direct. 

Leopard kills guard, devours private parts - Mumbai - DNA
"The body of a 52-year-old man was found on the outskirts of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Bhandup (east) on Thursday morning, with his genitals devoured. Forest officials said that a set of marks found on the corpse suggested that the deceased, Anthony Fernandes, had been mauled to death by a leopard. "

Thanks to Croconut for the news tip. 


  1. I can only conclude that the genital consumption happened after the victim was--mercifully--dead from the more standard spine or throat bite, since it would seem a rather unorthodox line of attack for a leopard to take (a wolf, dhole or hyena, not so much.)

  2. Yeah, let's hope. I've seen house cats kill male rabbits and take nothing but the genitals. Something of a delicacy, apparently.

    1. Ask a killer whale and it will tell you the genitalia is the best bit of a baleen whale... except perhaps the tongue...

    2. I often wonder what the mortality rate among killer whales is. "Apex predator" only means "nothing hunts me." But lions and wolves--both apex predators, at least when adult--are often injured or killed by their prey. Since we don't often get to see orcas attacking giant whales (we know, obviously, that they do it successfully and often enough that the big whales fear them) there's room for speculation here.

      I find it a little hard to credit that somewhere a killer hasn't found itself swatted to death by the flukes of a cornered blue whale protecting her calf, or savaged or rammed to death by a bull sperm in defense of his pod. Although every account I've come across where the orcas have engaged their quarry has the orca winning hands (or should that be flippers?) down, we have to remember those sightings account for a tiny fraction of actual hunts, and if their success rate is comparable to that of their terrestrial counterparts, presumably a healthy and fit enough whale can at least convince the orcas that it would put up such a fight if caught that they might wish to seek their dinner elsewhere.

    3. Interesting thought. Perhaps someday we'll find an orca with injuries to tell us of such an occurrence.

    4. But if an orca was hit by a whale's flukes with enough force, wouldn´t it simply be knocked unconscious, drown and sink, never to be seen again?

      (I remember reading a novel in which a fin whale killed an orca by crushing its head with its fluke. I know, a novel doesn´t count, but the author did his homework in many other respects, so I wonder if he knew anything about such things happening for real...)

    5. I'm imagining that, for example, the bigger whale hits the orca hard enough to break some bones, but not immediately kill it. We might then find an orca in distress, or one washed up with blunt-force injuries. And a sperm whale might theoretically leave bite wounds on an orca.

    6. True...

      Beaches would be much gorier places if the likes of Livyatan or squalodontids had survived, I think...


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