Wild Boar Hurts Four in Berlin

Richard Bartz/Creative Commons

Four injured in wild boar attack - World News, Breaking News - Independent.ie

"Four people have been injured in an attack by a wild boar in a residential area of Berlin.
Authorities said the 265lb animal was shot dead.
Police said the boar bit a 74-year-old man on the back and leg, and knocked a 74-year-old woman to the ground and injured her hip."

Other victims included a 24-year-old woman who tried to help by distracting the boar. She was injured before she escaped by climbing onto her car. Police officers eventually shot the boar to death, but not before it bit one of them. One report claims the animal had a broken leg, possibly the result of being struck by a vehicle. That might explain its aggression. Boar troubles aren't uncommon in Berlin, but this incident is one of the more extreme I've heard of.

Update: Blogger seems to have eaten the comment, but Croconut sent this recent video of a wild boar incident from China:


  1. It seems that in India, boars kill more ppl even though they're usually smaller than European ones D:

  2. I believe the authorities in India are less inclined to kill problem boars. Maybe that contributes.

  3. In the Middle Ages, spears used for hunting boar were double-edged (to inflict maximum damage to the internal organs) and bore a crosspiece behind the head--because otherwise the boar, even when dying, could charge up the shaft of the spear and disembowel the huntsman long before he breathed his last.

    The Indian boar did not hesitate, in Colonial times, to charge mounted hunters (sometimes goring the poor horses so severely that they had to be destroyed) and I recollect reading about cases where they have charged rhinos, gaur and elephants--inevitably with bad results for the boar, especially when an elephant is the target, but one has to admire their courage.

  4. I understand that in many parts of Asia hunters are still routinely hurt by wild boars and feral pigs.


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