"This was the most territorial aggressive little thing! She literally sat beneath that feeder like a guard dog within ten minutes of my hanging it. I am pretty sure this is a female ruby throat. At the neighbor's house with the eight feeders, there is only one male ruby throat. So I am guessing she is a rebel daughter or a wayward wife who decided to run away from the fray. That woman goes through a four pound bag of sugar a day keeping those feeders filled."
--Dee Puett, photographer


  1. When I was in college a couple years ago I stayed in a small apartment and I remember the old lady landlord (or is it landlady?) would set feeders for hummingbirds too... and she would always complain that bats would come at night and "steal" the sugar water. I was rather fond of them, tho; sometimes groups of them would fly across the halls and you felt like you were spelunking, kinda :>

  2. We get a lot of squirrels at our bird feeder. Also, our crow platform draws cats. I'm usually pretty happy as long as something interesting shows up.

    1. Do the cats and the crows interact? I've heard crows tend to mob them just like they do with eagles and other larger predators.

  3. I've seen one instance of mobbing-like behavior, but no actual contact. Two crows started circling a cat, too high up for it to attack them. They made a lot of noise. Soon other crows arrived and perched nearby (a couple of them on the platform) and watched the cat. The cat held its ground for a little while, then slunk away. Oddly, the crows soon left as well. It seemed as if they had fought for the food, then lost interest in it. I suspect the cats mostly come at night, but I have seen them by day a number of times. I trtied to place the feeder where the cats couldn't reach it--which usually means they end up eating whatever the crows knock off.


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