Wandering Spider Toxin May Help Erectile Dysfunction

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Spider Venom Viagra? Brazilian Wandering Spider Toxin May Help Erectile Dysfunction, Study Says

"A toxin from the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider may help treat erectile dysfunction in humans.
The study, authored by a team of Brazilian and American scientists, found that the toxin PnTx2-6 improved erectile function in aged rats."

First of all, who knew rats get erectile dysfunction? And how was this discovered?


  1. The spider's venom causes painful constant erections. From the moment I read that I knew the venom could be used in the future to treat erectile dysfunction as long as they could get rid of the "painful and persistent" parts...

  2. I'm just reading a book about rabies, which mentions similar symptoms, including one gentleman who experienced thirty ejaculations in a single day. Of course he died afterwards.

  3. His time had came. U-U

  4. The other problem, of course, is that most mammals (apart from man and spider monkeys) have a baculum and do not depend solely on hydraulics for sexual arousal; it may be easier to achieve in other species than humans.

    In my experience, rats don't really develop erectile dysfunction--not ever? Well, hardly ever! (Gilbert & Sullivan rim shot!) Seriously, though, male rats are enthusiastic sex partners and given an unlimited supply of females will mate until they die of exhaustion. So we might first need to see if the root cause (no pun intended) of erectile dysfunction in rats is the same as in humans.

    I've heard of people researching the administration of performance-enhancing (as in sexual performance) drugs to breeding stallions, and rejecting the idea out of hand, precisely because intact studs are tricky enough without sending their hormones into overdrive.

  5. I have a bit about the dangers of aroused horses coming up. Geez, it's difficult to avoid puns here. . .

  6. Quit stalli(o)n' and post it, then!

    Ok, ok, that was bad...


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