Grice Too Gory for Google

You may have noticed that Google Ads no longer grace this site. I placed the ads on my site in July, hoping to make a little money toward the upkeep of this blog. The other day, Google told me my ads were suspended. Why? Violence and gore. Turns out you’re not allowed to put violence or gore on the same page as any ads. Here’s the post that drew the ban:

That’s right: A review of a movie. After all the real-life mayhem I’ve run on these pages, all the stories of limbs bitten off and human beings devoured, Google took issue with a puppet drenched in corn syrup and food dye. But this is only an example page. Google advises me to check my other pages and sites for "compliance." I have to clean up all of them if I want my ads back. I think I’ll pass. You readers will have to get used to not seeing ads for Korean dating and online degrees here.

Gratuitous Gore
The nifty thing for Google is that they don’t pay until you’ve earned a certain amount of ad money. If you stop earning before then—because, say, they banned you—then Google pockets the money. You’ve helped them advertise—for free. Am I being cynical?


  1. Or would the same apply there? :/ Not sure how the ad thing works over there...

  2. Wow. Seriously, over "Alien"? And since I have Adblock pro on my computer. I had never seen the ads anyway, so I won't be missing them. It does make me wonder just how desperate for money Google is and why though. (Dee)

  3. I hope you can find other sources of revenue though this is ridiculous. I'll have to rely on facebook for my ad needs.

  4. Yeah, I could switch to another brand of blog. Really, though, that move wouldn't hurt anybody but my readers. My old blog posts show up in search results because they've been parked where they are, getting clicked, for a long time.

    Google's action really hurts Google itself more than anybody else. I realize my blog is a miniscule source of traffic in the big picture, but it did provide one more outlet for Google's ads. I'm sure the Goog was making more money on the deal than I was.

    It's foolish because Google is obviously policing its accounts by automation. This sort of thing wouldn't happen if a human eye took a look at the page in question and noticed that the gore is not gratuitous. In trying to make the internet safe for the delicate sensibilities of some, Google (and other companies like Facebook) have become defacto censors, letting their robots mindlessly block content and impose penalties on people whose content doesn't suit.

    I'm really not upset about it for my own sake--it's only a few bucks a month in my case. I just don't like where this is "trending" for all of us.

  5. Well that's odd... my first post doesn´t show... :/

    1. I saw it in my email, but not here. Maybe Google has a policy against letting us mention that other brand?

    2. There goes free speech...


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