Animal Attack Movies: The Naked Prey

The Naked Prey (Cornel Wilde, 1966)

The leader of an ivory-hunting expedition insults some Zulu warriors, whereupon the Zulus torture the ivory hunters to death and behead their hired help. And that’s just the first act. After that, the lone survivor is allowed to run for his freedom. He stumbles on all sorts of predatory behavior in his race to freedom, including a lion taking a gazelle, a cheetah harassing a baboon, and a python fighting a monitor lizard. The true story behind this movie took place in North America, and it involved a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition pursued by Blackfoot warriors. He escaped to tell his tale. Director Wilde mixes staged animal action with stock footage of real killing. Most disturbing is the sequence of elephants crashing to the ground as they’re shot through the brain—followed by an authentic scene of elephant butchery, as a man emerges from the belly of an immense carcass with organ meat in hand. 



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