Suicide by Crocodile

MartinRe/Creative Commons

A surprisingly common method of committing suicide: a trip to the zoo. 

Thai woman feeds herself to crocodiles - Indian Express

"A 36-year-old depressed woman 'fed herself' to crocodiles at a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.

The hard pressed woman had told her husband that she was going to see a doctor and after that she would visit a popular crocodile Farm in Samut Prakarn just outside Bangkok.

She reportedly never returned home."


  1. Wow. Why on earth would someone choose to be devoured as a way to check out of this mortal coil? It truly is a mad world at times. (Dee)

  2. I've wondered about that myself (because this isn't the first case of suicide-by-croc I've come across). Maybe because it seems like a sure-fire method? Once the cros have you, they won't let go, even if you change your mind. Or maybe it's just the most obvious method for people in a town with a croc farm, just as suicides in San Francisco drive past various suitable cliffs to get to the Golden Gate Bridge?

  3. Heard of suicide by big cats, bears and elephants, and of course snakes--this is the first time I've heard of crocs as the animal of choice. I'm not enough of an Eastern religions buff to know if there might be some cultural significance...the crocodile is, for my money, the nearest analogue to a living dragon and dragons, of course, are a creature with heavy symbolic value in the Far East, so there might be something esoteric at work here.

  4. In his book _I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts_, Mark Dery mentions a suicide by black widow bite and another by leeches.

    1. How can you commit suicide by leeches? You fill a bathtub with them and just lay down?

      I think suicide by crocodile may have more to do with a desperate cry for attention than any symbolisms or anything. I can totally see a melodramatic type (I've met my share of those) thinking either consciously or unconsciously that a normal death is just not enough and that something like throwing yourself to a crocodile pit will make everyone realize how terrible their life was. Makes everyone feel guilty and horrified and its all attention-craving dramatic types want. Nobody says it has to be rational...

    2. Yeah, it does make a kind of sense if drama is the goal.

      Dery's book mentions people "applying hundreds of leeches to their bodies." He also mentions suicide by cramming a turkey down one's throat and by walking into a live volcano.

    3. I did the turkey one last Christmas and I didn´t die, but gosh was it delicious :D


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