Silly Goose vs. Aquatic Bird

Evil Goose

I never thought of golf as a contact sport, but it seems I was misinformed.

Golfer injured in bird attack sues the county - | News, Sports, Jobs, Visitor's Information - The Maui News

"In a claim Sakamura filed against the county in March, he said he was golfing with five other men when a duck or goose "charged me and bit my pant leg." He said he tried to back away and fell onto his back and side as the animal continued to attack, biting his hand hard enough to cause bleeding. He said he pulled the bird off and went to his cart to get a Band-Aid. Sakamura's claim also says he suffered an L-4 compression fracture in his back from the attack."

Illustration based on a photo by Joe Thomissen/Creative Commons


  1. Now, imagine if you'd had the foresight to allow Darth to fracture a toe or something minor like that...ka-CHING! :)

    The goose in the picture, incidentally, is a Roman, most common in the tufted variety shown here, though it can be plain-headed too. These were, according to legend, the breed of geese kept at the temple of Juno on the Capitoline Hill, whose squawking warned the Romans that the Gauls were about to attack and saved the city from invasion.

  2. It was the tuft that made this guy leap out at me as "evil." I didn't know the history behind his kind--that's very interesting.


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