Man Faces Diarrhea and Crocodile Attack

Gregg Yan/Creative Commons

Man surives crocodile attack during bathroom break - New York Daily News

"Pai was at work on a new bridge when he ran to the river to relieve himself after a stomach ache struck.
"A two-meter-long crocodile suddenly pounced out of the water and bit me in the waist,” Pai told The Star newspaper."

Although it's seldom mentioned in polite newspapers, people often fall victim to predators while relieving themselves. Big cats and crocodiles sometimes learn human routines and take advantage of them. 

The crocodile in question is presumably of the saltwater species (pictured here eating a pig). 

(Thanks to Croconut for the news tip.)


  1. That photo is kinda creepy... you can´t know what is happening exactly by just looking at it but you know it can´t be anything good...

    Wasn´t there a case of a reticulated python that ambushed a woman in a bathroom (in Malaysia or some other southeast Asian country) but failed to kill her as the woman was too... portly?

  2. I never heard of that case, but it sounds interesting!

  3. Here's a news report:

    I also found a video from Animal Planet that reenacts the incident:

  4. Dave Barry, of all people, cites in "Dave Barry's Guide to Guys" a case (a true one) of a man in Singapore bitten on the testicles by a retic in a public john...

  5. That sounds awful XD Seeing as their bite is quite septic, I wouldn´t be surprised if he lost his balls >.<

  6. I'm also remembering a case in the US of a big python coming up through the plumbing through someone's toilet.

  7. I may never be able to use a public restroom again. I am not afraid of snakes, but the idea of having one come up on me at a most vulnerable moment is a little bit harsh, lol. (Dee)

  8. Guess its still better than a candiru, tho...

  9. I'm thinking everything is better than a candiru. . .

  10. When threatened, their primary reaction is to swim away. However, when attacked by predators or stepped on, the stinger in their tail is whipped up. green diarrhea in babies


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