Spider with Orb Web

Alligator Attacks 84-year-old Woman

Shooting an Elephant

Whale Swipes Boat; Man Pursues in Dinghy

Immortal Viper

Crab Spider in the Marigolds

New Spider with Big Claws

Vampire Bat Bites Confer Some Immunity to Rabies


Rattled Leaves

Silly Goose vs. Aquatic Bird

Pygmy Hippo Attacks Zookeeper

Mystery Animal Kills 3

Suicide by Crocodile

Autumnal: The Birds

Bison vs. Fools

Coral Snake Bites Florida Man

After the Flood Receded

Crocodile Bites Off Man's Hand

Son Mistaken for Monkey, Shot Dead

Man Faces Diarrhea and Crocodile Attack

Northern Water Snake (2 of 2)

Northern Water Snake (1 of 2)

Man Attacks Porbeagle Shark

Giant Jackass Kills Mayor


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