White-Tailed Deer Attacks Farmer

Photo by Dee Puett

Several hostile encounters in the yard, then finally outright violence. The man says the buck sounded unhealthy. 

Deer attacks farmer, who shoots it after tussle | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

"“I was going out to finish spraying the soybeans,” he said. “I stepped out a side door, and we saw each other, and he started coming closer.

“He was pummeling me, standing on his hind legs and hitting me with the front ones. He hammered me good, rapid fire, and I thought, ‘Well, this isn’t good.’"


  1. I have to wonder if maybe the deer had been raised by humans, or perhaps an early rut? It is a wonder to me that I haven't ran across an aggressive male as often as I run across deer herds. We had one approach the truck when we were at Squaw Creek last fall. He stepped out of the woods and stood staring at the truck for five minutes or so at a distance of about 25 yards. He would raise his nose to catch our scent, then stomp and snort. I was very glad to be inside the truck, he was a big fellow. (Dee)

  2. My guess would be habituation in some form, even if only being fed in someone's yard.

  3. The male Fallow Deer was one of several animals that seemed to hate my guts at the zoo. Just by the amazing growl it produced every time he saw me I knew I was lucky to have a fence between him and me...

  4. @Croconut: Just curious--what were the others?

    1. Well, the lions hated me as much as they hated most other keepers. Fun thing about these lions is they had their favorite keeper and behaved much like spoiled house cats with him (even rubbing against him), but they would growl and paw at anyone else trying to approach them. They were off limits to anyone but the chief keeper, of course.
      There was also a certain jaguar who had a rather unsettling tendency to drool and become very excited whenever I was close. Not trying to brag about being particularly tasty looking, but I'm pretty sure he didn´t react to other keepers as he did to me...He had been rescued from a drug lord's house after the guy was arrested, and there was this sort of "legend" among keepers that the jag had been fed with human flesh at least once. I don´t think anyone ever confirmed that.

      Oh and there was a female toucan who liked to peck at my hands and head with her bill like she was using a hammer but as painful as it was sometimes, I think she was actually being friendly :D

    2. Maybe the scent of your pet cats on your clothes interested the jaguar?

    3. That's a possibility, although I didn´t live with any cats back then (I did before I moved out, tho, and jags have a very sharp sense of smell, so, maybe).
      Regardless of what it was smelling, if that was the case, it must have been something delicious to him.


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