Rhino Rolls Woman

Black Rhinoceros (Mistvan/Creative Commons)

In South Africa, a woman helping with conservation efforts ran afoul of a rhinoceros. 

Woman recovering from rhino attack - Times LIVE

"She was standing in a holding pen with her daughter, 21, watching farm employees dart the rhino cow and her calf, when another rhino charged at her, and repeatedly "rolled her around," Beeld reported.

The rhino cow stopped when her daughter screamed.

"I was able to actually pull myself upright, holding onto the rhino's horn," Van Heerden said."

There are two species of rhino in South Africa: the white, which is usually grayish, and the black, which is also usually grayish. The misleading names are the result of a bad translation that has stuck. The article doesn't say which species this is, though it includes a photo of a black one. In Asia there are three more species. All five face dwindling numbers. 


  1. There actually is a field guide to exotic hoofed stock floating around out there which tells you how to keep the more "mundane" stuff--sika, chital, nilgai, mouflon--but also includes headings on giraffes and white rhinos. Informative and yet kind of makes you want to say: "Oh HELL no!" at the same time.

  2. I've also seen a guide to handling tranquilized exotics for tagging, zoo captures, and the like.


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