Leopard Mauls Fourth Victim

Leopard attacks woman on outskirts of Chandrapur - The Times of India:

""The woman was sleeping on a cot covered with a mosquito net inside the math. The beast pounced on the cot and clawed her on the face and chest. As others sleeping in the vicinity woke up on hearing her cries, the beast fled from the spot," said an eyewitness. Tarabai was rushed to civil hospital and admitted there for emergency treatment.

In January, a leopardess had attacked Nanebai Virutkar while she was travelling pillion with her husband on a motorcycle. In March, the same leopardess clawed four-year-old Hasari Dhope, while she was travelling with her mother and father on a bike. In April, the leopardess mauled WCL worker Sanjay Upre while he was on his way back home from duty at around midnight. Apart from these attacks, the beast has killed over a dozen cattle in villages Mana, Charwat, Nandgaon and WCL settlement Samruddhi nagar."


  1. This is becoming so common in Indian news that the thing that caught my eye the most was a surname. What bad luck being named Dhope...

  2. It has indeed. I've actually stopped posting most of the examples I find. This one had the interesting details to recommend it (and the name!).


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