Grizzly Bear Kills Photographer

Jean-Pierre Lavoie/Creative Commons

Grizzly bear kills hiker in Denali National Park -

"Photos recovered from the victim’s camera show that he stopped to take pictures of the animal for at least eight minutes before he was attacked. Park Superintendent Paul Anderson said he believes the victim came within 50 yards of the grizzly before it went on the attack. He said the photos show the bear grazing in the willows and not acting aggressively.

Park service workers were alerted to the attack Friday by three day hikers who saw an abandoned backpack, torn clothing and blood along the river. Rangers found the body late Friday but could not recover it because the sun was fading and they believed multiple bears were nearby. When they returned in a helicopter Saturday afternoon, a grizzly bear was near the body. It was shot and killed by rangers from above."

Other reports are saying the bear had partially eaten the body. The hiker's photos don't show the bear behaving aggressively. 



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