Asian Black Bear Injures Girl

The Asian black bear is generally regarded as more dangerous than its similar-sized North American cousin. Occasionally it attacks people in the wild. This, however, is the familiar story of a zoo visitor with poor judgment. 

Bear Attacks Girl in Private Zoo | Russia | RIA Novosti

"An Asian black bear at a private zoo in Blagoveshchensk attacked the girl when the she tried to give the animal a drink from a bottle.

“The operation, to treat a deep wound in the back of her head, lasted several hours," her doctor said. "The girl is now in the intensive care ward where she is in critical condition.” "


  1. Are you familiar with Rudyard Kipling's poem "The Truce of the Bear"? Some make it out to be an anti-Russian piece (Kipling = jingoism + bear = Russia)but this,I think, does both the poet and the poem injustice. Read straightforwardly, it is one of the most realistic and harrowing nature poems one can hope to read (also, the bear likely intended is probably either an Asian black/moon bear, or a sloth bear, judging by the location, rather than the brown bear associated with Russia.)

  2. Yet another work of Kipling I haven´t read :O And I call myself a fan...

    He also mentions the moon bear in The Miracle of Purun Baghat.
    "The Himalayan black bear, moody and suspicious — Sona, who has the V-shaped white mark under his chin — passed that way more than once; and since the Bhagat showed no fear, Sona showed no anger, but watched him, and came closer, and begged a share of the caresses, and a dole of bread or wild berries. "

  3. I haven't read either of those. Looks like I have some Kipling in my future.


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