African Elephant Kills Woman

Thomas Breuer/Creative Commons

From Botswana:


"The deceased tried to run but the animal gave chase. When it caught up with her, it lifted her up and threw her some distance away leading to her instant death.

Regional Wildlife Officer Bolt Othomile said that they are still looking for the elephant which killed the deceased. “An animal changes behaviour after killing a person and our officers will manage to locate it even if it’s amongst others,” said Othomile."

That's an . . . interesting. . . claim about the behavior of killer elephants. 


  1. It sounds a lot like an easy way to kill any elephant and say, "Oh look, we killed the killer elephant."
    This: "Phaphe said that the man found the lion eating his calf and he tried to attack it but ended up injured." beyond my comprehension. The man tried to attack a feeding lion and was injured, well who'd a thunk it! (Dee)

  2. Guess he really liked that calf.

    1. Apparently so. I think it would be ironic beyond belief if his love of the calf was brought about by the desire to turn it into a food source for himself. (Dee)

    2. In all seriousness, he probably was depending on the calf for food, and it may have been a matter of life and death for his family. Botswana is pretty wealthy as African nations go, but poor people there are poor for real and it's not uncommon to hear of them choosing to fight lions or elephants to keep food on the table.

    3. It says so much about humanity as a species that there are people who have to struggle so. Very sad. (Dee)

  3. My favorite line there has to be "the deceased tried to run" :D Gotta give credit to her, most dead people don´t even try. :>


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