African Elephant Kills Woman

Cougar Attacks Woman in Her Living Room

Prime Minister and His Cronies Eat Man

Man Bites Cobra to Death

Rhino Rolls Woman

Grizzly Bear Kills Photographer

Monkey Shot in Domestic Dispute (And More)

Shark Feeding Frenzy Video

West Nile Virus in the US

Leopard Mauls Fourth Victim

Sentimental Journey: An Abandoned House

Sentimental Journey: Mantis

Blue Butterfly

Asian Black Bear Injures Girl

Beaver Battles Boy Scout Leader

Hand-Wringing from Florida: Record Burmese Python

White-Tailed Deer Attacks Farmer

Alligator Bites Trainer at County Fair

A Young Heron

The Spider Wars

Animal Attack Movies: Them!

Crawdad Creek

Tarzan vs. the Hyaenadons

Two Kinds of Oven-Bird

Rat Snake on Tree Trunk

Hand-Wringing from Utah: Rattlesnake Invasion

A Bounty on Bull Sharks

Black Widow Spider with Red Stripes


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