Great White Shark Bites Man in Half

A spectacular fatality in Perth. Predictably, a politician is speculating that there are too many great whites. In fact, the great white remains endangered and can't possibly bounce back within a short span of years because it's a slow-growing species. The only population that's growing here is the human one. 

Beaches Closed After Surfer Is Bitten In Two - Yahoo! News UK

"He was surfing near Wedge Island, north of Perth, with a friend when he was mauled by the huge shark, said to be up to 16ft (five metres) long.

A man jet-skiing near him said it was a gruesome scene, with "half a torso" being all that remained of Mr Linden."

On a different note, here's interesting footage of a whale shark sucking the contents out of a fishing net. The whale shark, largest of all fish, is a harmless filter-feeder.

More about shark attacks--and shark conservation--in my National Geographic eBook short:



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