Coyote vs. Cougar

Interesting footage from a wilderness area in Southern California. Thanks to D'Arcy for the tip.

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  1. Interesting that the cougar doesn´t seem to mind the coyote's presence. I thought they were like leopards in that they wouldn´t tolerate other lesser predators around their turf?

  2. The same thought occurred to me; I suspect the presence of food and/or cubs would have made the cat a lot less laid-back. I imagine part of the cougar's tolerance of the situation may have been that the coyote was letting it know that he had spotted it and a surprise attack--the standard feline M.O.--would be pointless. It seems to me I've seen footage of jackals doing the same thing to cheetahs and leopards, both of whom prey on them when the opportunity arises.

  3. Tried to publish this once, got an error message, so I'll try again. Without food or young being involved, the cougar may simply not have deemed it worthwhile to attack--especially because the coyote was making it very clear that it had seen the cat. Jackals will do the same thing, I believe, to cheetahs and leopards (both of whom kill jackals--as potential competition, threats to their young, and just to eat them--on a frequent basis.)

  4. I believe that's a young and curious cougar trying to get a closer look at a (probably unfamiliar) animal. The coyote intimidates it and it breaks off. The coyote is not initially trying to harass the cougar; he tries to retreat, but then changes his tactics when it looks like the cougar is going to pursue him. The cougar is clearly not in predatory mode. It's just possible that the cougar is minding its own business when the coyote gets scared and starts making noise. I don't believe it is patrolling a territory, as it looks young and is easily deterred from its beat.

    1. Yeah I think I agree... the cougar looks very small, probably not fully grown.

      I have seen footage of dholes and tigers in similar situations. Tigers do kill dholes, but the dholes seem to be only cautious, not really scared, when the tiger is in the open.


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