Chimpanzees Escape at the Hanover Zoo

A rather breathless article from the Telegraph:

Chimpanzees pictured rampaging through Hanover Zoo - Telegraph

"Five chimpanzees caused havoc at Hanover Zoo when they escaped their enclosure, injured a five-year-old girl and caused the zoo to be evacuated.

The animals climbed out of their enclosures by using branches as makeshift ladders and escaping over the fences.

One chimp knocked a five-year-old girl to the ground, causing a cut to her head and bruises to her face."

These recent chimp escapes remind me of another that occurred in Kansas City a couple of years ago, receiving surprisingly little coverage. Most chimp escapes don't end in tragedy, and it's only since the attack on Charla Nash a few years back that the average citizen has begun to take them seriously. 

Thanks to Croconut for the news tip. 



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