American White Pelicans

Fruit Flies Are Cannibals

Giant Sturgeon Caught

Video of Killer Whale Roughing Up Trainer

Animal Attack Movies: Eyes Without a Face

Electric Catfish, Part 2: Edison

Electric Catfish, Part 1: Galvani

Opossums Immune to Poisons

Lioness vs. Farmer

A Heron Fishing

Hyenas Kill Two, Injure Six

Coyote vs. Cougar

Chimpanzees Escape at the Hanover Zoo

Aquatic Attacks (Beaver and Otter)

Invasive Giant African Land Snails


Great White Shark Bites Man in Half

Zoo Tigers Kill Intruder

Chimpanzees Escape in Las Vegas

Raccoons Attack Woman

Monster Crocodiles, Part 3: Crocodile vs. Dinosaur

Monster Crocodiles, Part 2: Primeval


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