Rhesus Monkeys of Delhi

Minghong/Creative Commons

Another case of habituation. 

Fed by Indians, Monkeys Overwhelm Delhi - NYTimes.com
"The first interloper stepped in front of her on the sidewalk and silently held up his hand. The second appeared behind her and beckoned for her bag. Maeve O’Connor was trapped. Resistance would have been dangerous, so Ms. O’Connor handed it over. The two then sauntered arrogantly away. The whole encounter lasted no more than 15 seconds — just one more coordinated mugging by rhesus monkeys. . .  some residents are getting a bigger monkey, a langur, to urinate around their homes."


  1. Interesting; they bite people's faces too XD

    I think there may be a real war of the primates eventually in India; if the people refuses to cull the rhesus monkeys, eventually their population will grow so much that they will be hungrier and more aggressive. Macaques are actually quite fierce- I can totally see hordes of monkeys actively scaring away people from what they consider their territory/feeding sites.

  2. Definitely not the guys you want as rivals for your food--smart, aggressive, and likely to take things personally. They react badly to being looked in the eye and are definitely prone to attack the face (and other things you don't want bitten).


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