Landing the Biggest Sharks

In Shark Attacks: Inside the Mind of the Ocean's Most Terrifying Predator, I mention the case of a man swallowed whole by a great white shark. That shark was estimated at better than 20 feet long. The great whites below may be in that range. As this page explains, the record size for a great white is much contested. 

The specimen above isn't a great white, but a tiger shark. Tiger sharks are more slender than great whites, so they don't reach the multi-ton weights suspected for some great whites. Nonetheless, they have managed to eat a number of people--in pieces. 

Special thanks to Dee Puett. 


  1. Swallowed whole? o-o That's one I had never heard...

    Now imagine what a Megalodon could do...

  2. It's one of the more astounding things I've ever written about, for sure.


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