Kangaroos Attacks Football Team, Family

A kangaroo's recent attack on a children's football team is said to be unprovoked. Some details:

Hunt for a "berserk" kangaroo: Animal that attacked children and a pregnant woman will be destroyed when found - Mirror Online:

"Australian park rangers hunting down a kangaroo that left two people hospitalised after it went “berserk” during an attack on children and a pregnant woman intend to shoot the beast when it has been located. 

An eight-year-old boy who needed 20 stitches and a pregnant woman who suffered a laceration after being kicked in the stomach were among those injured by the eastern grey kangaroo last week.
The marsupial turned aggressive as an under-7s football team were training on the Jervis Bay school grounds on the New South Wales south coast.
Booderee National Park services manager Dr Martin Fortescue told abc.net.au that the kangaroo was growling, charging at people and appeared disturbed.
"It wasn't going to back off at all and that's something I must say I haven't seen before," he said."

Meanwhile, a different kangaroo harassed a family for several days, attacking wife, husband, and dog. 

Woman says kangaroo stalked her, then attacked - TODAY Pets & Animals - TODAY.com
"McWilliams was picking her daughter up from the school bus when the kangaroo charged her in her driveway. The kangaroo pounded and scratched her and left a 12-inch gash on her back after she curled up into a ball on the ground with nothing to hide behind, according to The Daily Telegraph."

The news stories are calling this "stalking," but that's misleading. Kangaroos aren't predators, so they don't stalk other animals to eat them. And this one is not likely to have plotted its violence against specific people. It's more likely the kangaroo became habituated to human presence and began to think of the humans and the dog as intruders in its territory. 


  1. It reminds me of what you say in Deadly Kingdom- that elephants react with rage when they return to their traditional feeding grounds and find them teeming with humans...

  2. It makes sense. I've reacted with rage when I found bugs or mice eating "my" food or invading "my" home.

  3. It also seems that grizzly bears sometimes attack simply because they don´t like humans (and who can blame them?)

  4. I haven't heard that about grizzlies. Any stories?

    1. Sorry, none that I remember. I read it in Nat Geo or some other magazine, which had a bear expert saying that plain dislike for humans could trigger some attacks.

    2. Interesting. Another one for my look-it-up-later file. . .


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