Giant Bull Shark Surprises Researchers

Photo: Giant Bull Shark Surprises Researchers - Yahoo! News

""It's one of the biggest bull sharks I've ever caught, and it's the biggest bull shark I've ever tagged," Hammerschlag said — and he's tagged more than 1,000 sharks. "When this guy rocked up, it just took my breath away."

It turned out it was, in fact, a lady. Like many other shark species, female bull sharks are larger than males. But bull sharks of either sex are nothing to be trifled with. Like great white sharks and tiger sharks, bull sharks have serrated teeth — an accessory that allows them to rip and tear apart their meals, which means they can go after far bigger prey than smaller shark species can.

Bull sharks "have the most testosterone of any animal on the planet."

Thanks to Dee Puett for the news tip.


  1. Funny how, overall, the bull shark looks more white than the great white shark XD (Guess that's where the "leucas" came from)

  2. White shark is one of the great misnomers.


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