Blue Shark Feeds on Giant Squid

Giant squid are hard to find, but a freshly dead specimen has turned up. The blue shark is scavenging the carcass. 

Anglers' extraordinary find is no sea monster, but a giant squid

"The crew obtained underwater footage of the squid being preyed upon by a blue shark, which is posted below.

McGlashan, who writes a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph, was quoted in the newspaper as saying the squid "must have died not that long before we found it because it didn't smell at all and its colors were still strong. Most giant squid remains are smelly and rotten and just off-white by the time someone finds them." "


  1. Awesome find/video/shark/squid XD

    I remember reading once that great white sharks had been tagged and found to dive to great depths, probably hunting for giant squid like sperm whales and sleeper sharks do. I never heard anything else about that, tho.

  2. Interesting. That might challenge the theory that they require a high-fat (largely mammal) diet.


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