Water Buffalo Injures 10

Interesting news from Vietnam. The Asian water buffalo can weigh more than a ton. This one looks considerably smaller. Although these animals exist in the wild, this one would seem to have been a domestic run amok. The same thing occasionally occurs with cows in the West, but I don't remember a case with so many casualties caused by a rampaging cow. 

Hue City, Vietnam Buffalo Rampage Injures 10 People: "A water buffalo injured 10 people in central Vietnam while rampaging down crowded streets, across a river and through a house before being gunned down at a kindergarten, an official said Monday.

The young male buffalo, normally a docile species used to plow rice fields, ran wild for about three hours over nearly 20 kilometers (12 miles) in Hue City."

Thanks to Croconut for the news tip.


  1. What do you think caused the rampage?

  2. Considering he's a bit young for territorial or mating issues, I'd say something scared him. In her book Animals in Translation, Temple Grandin describes the many things that can panic hoofed animals but which would look insignificant to a human--things like a random shadow or a crack in a plaster wall. They are on the lookout for anything in the environment that strikes them as different and therefore threatening. There's probably no way to know what it was, unless some obvious clue like the tracks of a predator turns up.


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