Feline Fury: Lion, Leopard, Lynx, Cheetahs

Some feline mayhem to report.

First, a cheetah petting gone horribly wrong:

Violet D'Mello mauled by 'tame' cheetahs at holiday safari park | Mail Online: "one of the beasts grabbed eight-year-old Camryn Malan, who was among other tourists in the enclosure, and began biting her leg.

Mrs D’Mello comforted the girl’s seven-year-old brother, Calum, telling him not to run so he would not aggravate the animals – but as she did so, the cheetahs turned on her.

The mother of two said: ‘I never imagined it would attack me because I was an adult. But the next thing I knew I was on the floor and the cheetah was right on top of me."

Her husband took photos while all this was going on, apparently not taking it seriously. My wife tells me I should, in case of a similar occurrence, abandon the camera and come to her rescue. (Thanks to Nik Nimbus for the news tip.)

Second, a leopard preferred not to be captured:

7 injured in leopard attack in Rajasthan, IBN Live News: "Seven persons, including some forest personnel, were injured when a leopard attacked them in Raghunathpura area in Chittoregarh district of Rajasthan, official sources said today. The incident took place yesterday when the animal attacked some villagers and forest personnel after they made an attempt to capture it, the officials said. The victims were admitted to a nearby hospital where their condition was stated to be stable"

Third, a pet lynx bit a woman on the arm:

NWCN.com Washington - Oregon - Idaho: ""There was a lynx cat - a pet that lived in the house and a girlfriend. The cat got jealous of the girlfriend, who was vacuuming, and it jumped on her and bit her," speculated Jenee Westbend, King County Animal Control officer.

Police and medics were called to the scene, but the lynx was still roaming inside the house. Medics waited outside until the lynx's owner came home and kenneled the cat."

I know I feel jealous of anybody who’s vacuuming.

Finally, video of a cute baby and a hungry lioness. I'm not sure I'd be as sanguine as this lady seems. (Thanks to Dan for the tip.)


  1. I sometimes wonder if the way animals are portrayed in movies has something to do with people assuming that they can be fully tamed? While there might be a few captive carnivores that somehow manage to become docile, primal instinct is not tamable. Cute cubs and kittens will grow up with the same instinctual drives in regards to hunting and prey, no matter if they are caged or not. It is genetic hard-wiring. You cannot educate that out of them. You can only keep them well fed and hope for the best.
    (When I read that her husband kept shooting photos, I had to wonder if perhaps she had married one of my ex-husbands or into the same family lol.)Dee

  2. Even house cats will snap once in a while. I was bitten by a young house cat (not fully grown) recently; was trying to hold it still while they gave it a shot against rabies. It freaked out when it felt the needle and bit my thumb five times in a fraction of a second; it was like having my thumb caught by a car door, I never imagined they could bite that hard. The pain lasted three days!

    I think house cats (and I suposse dogs too) will consciously control their strength when playing or nipping humans, the same way they control themselves when playing with each other. We should be more appreciative of that... if a small cat can bite this hard, I don´t want to imagine how it feels to be mauled by a cheetah or a lynx!

    PS- What an asshole, the husband XD

  3. I dont blame the husband. She looks pretty stupid. Let nature take it's course/

  4. This family should have their children taken from them for being so incredibly and dangerously stupid. First off they took young children into a cage with Cheetahs? Then once they did what they were programmed to, the husband took photos? I can see blood from a bite wound on her neck, she is incredibly lucky that cat didnt hit an artery.


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