Coyote vs. Teen

Boy describes how he fought off attacking coyote - Local - Cape Breton Post

"The animal was quiet at first but began snarling and growling as it jumped on top of him and tried to bite him.

“It got halfway on top of me so I grabbed it by the neck and kneed it in the stomach a couple of times and then it just backed off me. When I got up, I was going to kick it in the ribs, and then it just ran off into the woods.”

The attack left him with a small scratch above his right knee and a larger one on his thigh that bled for about 30 minutes after he made it back home."


  1. Funny how coyotes are attacking people so frequently now yet you have lots of people still claiming that the much larger wolf is "totally harmless" :/

  2. A lot of people have a totally emotional reaction to wolves and won't listen to anything that contradicts what they want to believe. Coyotes and dogs, both subspecies of the gray wolf, are both occasional attackers of humans, so it shouldn't be hard to swallow that wolves do it too. But apparently that's hard for some to accept.

  3. It is interesting that you mention that "emotional reaction" to wolves. In a way, I think I've been guilty of this; when scientists or scientific minded people call dogs "Canis lupus familiaris", I feel it's some kind of sacrilege; when I was a kid and saw a wolf (a huge Canadian wolf) for the first time, it looked right into my eyes and we just stared at each other for a while. It was an impressive experience, just looking into its eyes, and since then, every time I visit the zoo, the wolf is among the animals I spend most time watching. So, when a scientist says that a mop-like lap dog or a chihuahua is a wolf, I just don´t want to believe it :/

    There's a question, tho- although I've read many times that the dog is classified as a wolf subspecies, I never knew the coyote had been also classified as such. Care to elaborate on that?

  4. I'm writing my answer to your coyote question, but it's getting long-winded. It may turn into tomorrow's post.

  5. Great, can´t wait to read it :D


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