Tiger Mauls Wildlife Filmmaker

Controversial naturalist and filmmaker John Varty has been mauled by a tiger in the unlikely location of South Africa. Varty keeps tigers there as part of a bizarre conservation effort. 

The clip above, from a Varty film, shows some fascinating behavior, as a rock python eats a leopard cub--and then has to deal with its mother. 

Tiger Mauls Wildlife Filmmaker John Varty - Yahoo! News

"A South African conservationist and filmmaker known for daring photography of wild animals is in intensive care after he was attacked by a tiger on his private game reserve.

John Varty, 61, is on a ventilator recovering from surgery for his injuries, including several puncture wounds and two broken ribs.  A spokesperson at his Tiger Canyons reserve described it as a "bad attack," but was hopeful he would be able to make a full recovery."

Thanks to Jim Twiggs for the news tip. 


  1. It was bound to happen :S I respect Varty a lot, and his documentaries are among my favorites but, anyone who coexists with these creatures can expect to be mauled sooner or later. I hope he recovers :/

  2. Yes, it seems injury is inevitable in his line of work. Best wishes to him.

  3. I hope he recovers soon. I enjoy many aspects of his work but keeping tigers in Africa is just wrong and has nothing to do with conservation, more to do with a glorified zoo or safari park.


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