Sri Lanka : Crocodile Kills Two Women

L. Shyamal/Creative Commons

This news report gives no detail about the species. The likely man-eater, on a purely statistical basis, is the saltwater crocodile. Sri Lanka also has mugger crocodiles, which are far less likely to take people--but it has happened. The photo shows a mugger with a painted stork.

Sri Lanka : Government grants relief to families of Sri Lanka crocodile attack victims:

"18-year-old school girl Nuwanthika Sathsaran . . .  was dragged away by the animal when she was washing her face at the bank of the river.

A week earlier the same crocodile [took] a mother of three who was washing clothes at the river."


  1. Rudyard Kipling wrote a short story about an old man-eating mugger that told his memories to a stork and a jackal. Ever read that?

  2. No, I haven't! What's the title?

  3. "The Undertakers": A mugger crocodile, a jackal and an adjutant stork (erroneously referred to as a crane in the story), three of the most unpleasant characters on the river, spend an afternoon bickering with each other until some Englishmen arrive to settle some unfinished business with the crocodile." Per Wikipedia
    Dangers are plentiful in India. I still want to go there though. (Dee)

  4. Yeah, its the Undertakers- sad ending, but I love most of Kipling's stories anyways. :> The Jungle Book also mentions a secondary croc character, Jacala, but his species is never mentioned.

    I really recommend any of Kipling's stories, tho.

  5. Come to think of it, there's at least one more Kipling crocodile story. Tune in tomorrow for that one. We'll just make this a Kipling weekend.

    (My favorite Kipling story is his werewolf tale, "The Mark of the Beast." And I like that poem about hyenas.)

  6. I like The Hyenas too but don´t remember The Mark of the Beast... gotta check it out! :D

  7. I think you'll like it. I'd actually pick it as the best werewolf story by anybody.


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